Retail & Ecommerce BPO Services

Luxury Brand Specialists Providing White-Glove Support

We believe that outstanding customer service is what defines a luxury brand. We have decades of experience in delivering customer care for some of the finest luxury brands.


The quality of the overall customer experience for the luxury customer is what distinguishes a luxury brand, rather than the quality of the product and its price.


Support Services Group has a proven track record of offering white-glove customer experience to our many luxury clients. We have brand specialists that function as an unwavering extension of your brand by offering the same friendly, expert, personalized service over the phone, email, and chat that your customers would expect to receive from an in-store representative.

Catalog Sales and Support

In terms of catalog sales and support, we are the contact center of choice for some of the industry's most respected names. Our clients specialize in apparel, gifts, food, and healthcare products.


Trained call center workforce management teams are employed in our facilities to help our agents help our catalog clients maintain sales momentum and top-notch customer support, whether it's a holiday ramp, your special marketing efforts, or your 24 x 7 x 365 call center needs.


We collaborate with our catalog clients to fully understand their business needs, including marketing plans, shipping timelines, and other dynamics.

Omnichannel Retail Support from Customer Care to Returns Management

We recognize that the retail experience is changing all the time. The ever-increasing range of communication channels is changing how companies interact with their customers.


Outstanding customer experiences now take place at multiple touchpoints. We provide personalized omnichannel support at every point of contact to ensure brand messaging clarity through the web, chat, email, and voice interactions.

Exceptional Customer Care

Outstanding customer experiences now take place at multiple touchpoints. We understand that it helps you build customer loyalty.


No matter the channel, customers want a personalized experience with a friendly agent who has precise, relevant, and timely information about the product. They want somebody who can provide them with expert guidance in any transaction, regardless of the complexity.


We provide your customers with a personalized, appealing brand experience with every interaction.

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