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Technology Enhanced Tools

Support Services Group is dedicated to building deep, sustainable, and long-term client relationships based on collaboration, customization, and quality. To that end, we consider ourselves to be a trusted technology advisor for every client. Our technology platform truly sets us apart from traditional contact centers. We have invested heavily in building out a robust, cutting-edge cloud software platform partnering with industry leaders in each key vertical (Telephony, CRM, Analytics/Reporting)

Open Architecture

Our open architecture allows us to adopt and integrate your business technology and processesLeveraging your existing infrastructure and investments is often the most cost-effective approachWe can also work with you to replace your disparate, legacy systems by deploying new tools from our flexible, customizable S2Genius Technology Platform.

Experienced Technology Team

Our experienced tech team is fully capable of solving your toughest business challenges, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate in solving your biggest pain points. We understand that no two companies are alike, and we will work with you to tailor technology and tools to your exact needs.

Technology Solutions

Automation of Sales and Customer Care interactions

  • Live Agents train AI bots to handle inquiries
  • Chatbots become “smarter” over time
  • Chatbots handle up to 80% of interactions over time

Email Management & Webchat Support

  • Can seamlessly integrate into Client’s Webpage and tied into CRM of choice
  • Hundreds of translation languages available
  • Complete history of conversation including post interaction surveys
  • Provides enhanced ability to precisely plan for expected volume changes
  • Quickly adjust staffing to handle unexpected peaks and valleys
  • Increase efficiency across multi-channel and multi-skill engagements
  • Provides flexible schedule options that drive increased productivity
  • Highly customizable industry leading telephony platform
  • CTI “screen-pop” integration with most leading CRM systems
  • Highly adaptable dial plans
  • Hosted PBX telephony services, supporting softphone or physical phones
  • Client-facing live call monitoring / recording playback
  • Real-time queue monitoring / reporting
  • Automated Speech Recognition / DTMF digit capture IVR capabilities
  • Advanced Speech Analytics capabilities
  • Aggressive rates on inbound/outbound/LD calling
  • Outbound dialer with Message broadcast, predictive, direct, reverse and preview dialing features
  • Industry Leading Customer Service and Support Module
    • Integrated Chat / Text Messaging
    • Email support
    • Advanced Workflow Capabilities
  • Powerful Salesforce Automation
    • Advanced Sales Forecasting and Quota Management
    • Automated Incentive Compensation Management
    • Out-of-the-Box Marketing Automation
  • Real-Time Dashboards, Reporting, Analytics and Planning
  • KPI scorecards enable continuous sales performance measurement
    Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access
  • Integration with Leading Social and Productivity Tools
  • Fully customizable BI dashboards to manage your business better
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring
  • Interval (daily/weekly/monthly) reports delivered right to your inbox
  • Unify data across all support channels into a “single pane of glass” view
  • End-to-end BI software: Database, ETL, Analytics, Visualizations
  • Open API framework allows customization to meet your needs
  • In-Chip™ Technology, best-in-class analytics engine, 10-100x faster than standard in-memory solutions
  • Enhanced by Machine Learning
  • Access to world-class reporting/development support team
  • Cloud-based, state of the art learning and development platform which can rapidly, and professionally deliver training and testing which can be accessed via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • User interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for an unparalleled user experience
  • Training can be developed in-house or by client and deployed via S2Genius LMS
  • Advanced test engine and course tracking features, combined with a rich selection of default and custom reports enable you to easily monitor and track performance
  • Can deliver teacher & agent program certifications
  • Gamification applies game design thinking to the learning context to engage users
  • Enhanced by Machine Learning
  • Unlimited FAQs, categories, users, and groups
  • Mobile first, touch friendly HTML5/CSS3 layout
  • Integrated WYSIWYG editor
  • 40+ languages incl. RTL layouts for Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • User and group-based permissions
  • Powerful search capabilities. Users can easily find questions and answers using the search feature with search in all languages or in one category
  • LDAP and HTTP authentication with SSO support
  • Export articles to .PDF, including a Table of Contents, JSON, XHTML and plain XML
  • Social Network Integration
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