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Our team understands the unique challenges of the telecommunications industry and is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome them. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, retain customers, or enhance customer service, we can provide the support you need to achieve your goals.

Verticals – Telecommunications



One of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the United States and Latin America. Offering Television Services, Cellphone connection, Internet (Wi-Fi), Insurance and Streaming devices.

Sales and Customer Support – We provide customized solutions and experienced agents to sell our client’s telecom services, upgrade devices, retain customers, and provide high-end customer service for billing, general inquiries and more. SSG handles Inbound and
Outbound customer service, sales and retention.

Currently operating providing support out of NAM and LATAM, our skilled team has surpassed client expectations by delivering the following results:

90.1% Adherence

81.42% Save Rate

11.83% AutoPay Enrollment

16.8% Disconnection Yield


One of the Nation’s largest mobile providers.

Sales – We provide top-notch Outbound Sales and Inbound order placement services for this client.

Our team of experts boasts an impressive track record of accomplishments, including achieving an outstanding 112% year-to-date sales attainment as well as increasing Sales Per Hour by an impressive 141%.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond sales figures, as we have also improved overall Service Levels and reduced Average Handle Times.

Our Outbound service focuses on Web Walkaway Prospects. While Inbound places orders with the assistance of our Sales Agents.

Our staff seamlessly increases and decreases seasonally to handle sales volume and holiday spikes.

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