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Crisis Support & Response Management

We have extensive experience in providing bilingual and English-only call center services to support natural disasters, security breaches, product recalls, and more – ramping in as little as 48 hours!

Crisis Support

SSG’s rapid response team is renowned for our rapid deployment and their ability to develop crisis management applications for a wide range of customers and employees.

Ranging from identity theft to
product recalls to natural disasters, we are here to offer expected support solutions to meet your crisis
response needs.

Vertical – Crisis Support & Response



An agency of the United States Government that focuses on emergencies.

Customer Support

SSG has been a trusted partner of this Government entity for over 8 years, supporting the client through many different rapid response needs related to various U.S. natural disasters.

SSG typically ramps to 500+ U.S.-based agents within a matter of weeks, all of whom have passed stringent government background checks and many of whom are bilingual.

We process registration applications, provide status, and appeals processing support.

SSG consistently exceeds the external monitoring expectations on quality, averaging 106% attainment of the established goal.

We are proud to have taken on a special project for COVID-19, requiring more than 500 agents and running from 2020 to the present day. Our team has risen to the challenge of providing exceptional support and service to help our client navigate this unprecedented crisis.

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