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SSG Launches Emergency Team for Electronics Partner


Support Services Group began a partnership with a leading home electronics company in 2019, providing tech support, order support and customer care for its line of IoT connected products. Within 60 days, SSG was making good on its promises – CSAT was 84% on a goal of 80% and the program was making steady progress on other KPIs  As governments around the country initiated stay at home orders due to COVID-19our partner experienced a surge in orders as physical retailers were inaccessible and cleaning was top of mind for families. SSG’s program in Ohio didn’t miss a beat due to COVID-19 and transitioned to Work-at-Home.    Our client had another call center partner serving a different line of business that was all but shut down due to the Pandemic.  With service levels dropping to 15% and wait times exceeding 3 hours, SSG was asked to quickly launch a second team in Panama.  While the team in Ohio had 6 months of experience and offered support for the launch in Panama, the second team had to ramp up while the country was in utter chaos. The local government had designated Call Centers as Essential Businesses, but residents were severely restricted in terms of daily travel.


  • A full product line-up was shipped to Panama on day one 
  • SSG hired an operations manager with 13-years of experience to run the program 
  • 15 experienced agents were hired in two weeks  
  • A virtual training model was launched with SSG’s Ohio trainer leading instruction 
  • SMEs fielded product or process questions, conducted daily debrief sessions and made test calls


SSG helped our client’s customer care team recoverby launching a new program leveraging virtual learning, teleconferencing and good, old-fashioned partnership. The team performed admirably.  
  • Service level improved from 27% to 90% within 90 days 
  • CSAT increased from 64% to 85% in 90 days  
  • AHT dropped from nearly 17 minutes to 10 minutes in 90 days 
  • The team grew from 12 to 76 FTE while driving KPI improvement 
  • 6% average monthly attrition in Panama despite the Pandemic

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