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5 Powerful Skills: The Unique Perspective of Mothers

Mothers have unique skills that get overlooked in the workplace. While many of these skills are apparent, such as multitasking and handling difficult situations, they have many more skills.   

Mothers possess an incredible array of skills that often go unnoticed or undervalued within the confines of the workplace. Beyond the obvious talents of multitasking and adeptly navigating challenging situations, mothers possess many additional abilities that can significantly benefit any professional environment.  

From their finely honed organizational skills to their exceptional emotional intelligence, mothers bring a unique perspective and a diverse set of competencies that can elevate teams and foster success. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the often-overlooked skills of mothers and explore how these skills can be harnessed to create a more inclusive and effective work environment.  

Join us as we shed light on the untapped potential within the realm of motherhood and discover how it can reshape and enrich the modern workplace. 

The Unique Skillset of Mothers 

In an interview with Britanny Poltrock, we gain insights into the unique skillset and perspectives that mothers bring to the workplace. According to Britanny, mothers possess many exceptional qualities that can significantly benefit any professional environment.   

She highlights the skills of independence, commitment, and the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently through effective scheduling. Mothers also excel in people skills, fostering positive team relationships and communication.   

Additionally, their innate productivity and a sense of purpose contribute to driving results and achieving goals. The skillset and perspectives that mothers bring to the workplace, as described by Britanny, demonstrate their ability to thrive in demanding environments while maintaining a solid work ethic and a focus on defining success.   

These valuable attributes further highlight the significant contributions that mothers can make in the professional realm. Here we will define five of the most vital skills a mom can bring to the workplace, with unique insight from Support Services Group working moms. 

Exceptional Time Management 

Mothers are experts at simultaneously juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities. Their ability to efficiently manage time, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines is a valuable skill that can significantly enhance productivity in the workplace. One of the most essential skills mothers have is the ability to prioritize. Their day is all about juggling multiple responsibilities, from taking care of the kids to managing a household.   

Moms require the ability to prioritize tasks and ensure that the most important things are ready to go. This skill is invaluable in the workplace, allowing employees to complete the most critical tasks efficiently.   

From taking care of the kids to managing a household, mothers need to be able to manage their time to get everything done. Managing is a valuable skill in the workplace since it allows employees to be productive and efficient with their time.   

In an interview with Jennie Marin, a Talent Acquisition Manager, we gain further insights into the unique skills and perspectives that mothers bring to the workplace. To successfully balance work and family life, it is crucial to have a clear vision of our goals and a thoughtful plan to achieve them.   

Having a well-defined vision, we can create a logistical framework that enables us to organize our responsibilities effectively. This approach empowers us to work while prioritizing the well-being of our families and personal lives.   

Striking a balance requires careful planning, efficient time management, and establishing boundaries. By aligning our aspirations and leveraging our unique skills as mothers, we can create harmony between our professional and personal spheres, ensuring that neither is neglected or compromised. Through this mindful approach, we can thrive both at work and in our roles as dedicated mothers. 

Strong Problem-Solving Abilities 

Mothers face numerous challenges daily, from soothing a crying baby to finding creative solutions for unexpected situations. This constant problem-solving experience equips them with the ability to think quickly on their feet and approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.  

Imee Chrisel Barrientos, a Team Leader in the APAC region, emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and always looking on the brighter side, as this attitude can positively influence colleagues.  

Imee shares a specific example of how being a mother has helped her in her job. She applies her skills as a mother to effectively handle, discipline, and coach her agents by treating them as her children. This approach allows her to provide guidance and coaching with their best interests in mind.  

When communicating her skills as a mother to her employer and colleagues, Imee highlights active listening, offering constructive criticism, and building and earning trust as critical strategies.  

Imee’s experiences demonstrate the practical application of motherhood skills in the workplace. By maintaining a positive attitude, treating colleagues with care, actively listening, and finding a balance through effective planning and support, working mothers can successfully navigate their roles as caregivers and experienced professionals.  

Mary Joy Titong, an Agent in the APAC region, we gain insights into the unique skillset and perspectives that mothers bring to the workplace. Mary Joy emphasizes working mothers’ planning skills, which contribute to diverse teams, fresh perspectives, and innovative thinking.  

Mary Joy shares an example of how being a mother has helped her in her job, particularly problem-solving, motivation, and time management. Drawing from her experiences in handling and caring for her children, she applies these skills to her work, enabling her to address challenges and manage her time efficiently and effectively.  

Mary Joy advises other working mothers who aim to leverage their skills and perspectives in their jobs. She encourages them to believe in themselves, have confidence, and approach their work with a heart full of determination. 

Effective Communication 

Mothers excel in communication, whether comforting a distressed child or conveying complex information simply and understandably. They possess excellent listening skills, empathy, and the ability to communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds, making them great team players and facilitators of collaboration.  

Jennie shares that she emphasizes her practical communication skills, particularly her ability to listen attentively and provide guidance based on her experiences.   

Colleagues often seek her inspiring lessons, recognizing her unique perspective as a mother, and benefit from her insights as she helps them overcome challenges they may face.  

When communicating her skills as a mother to her employer and colleagues, Mary Joy emphasizes using ordinary language instead of professional jargon, making it relatable and understandable to others. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Mothers are highly attuned to emotions, both their own and those of others. This emotional intelligence enables them to build strong relationships, diffuse conflicts, and support and encourage their children. This skill translates into better team dynamics, improved conflict resolution, and enhanced leadership abilities in the workplace.  

According to Jennie, mothers possess many valuable attributes, including patience, empathy, humility, willingness to help, a sense of urgency, creativity, organization, and logistical skills. These qualities significantly contribute to streamlining processes and fostering a positive work environment.  

Jennie also shares a specific example where her role as a mother directly impacted her job. She leveraged her cooking skills to boost team morale and even contributed to theme decoration within the company.  

Regarding emotional intelligence, Mary Joy highlights the importance of setting boundaries. Establishing clear boundaries between work and family time ensures that she can efficiently manage both areas of her life. It is crucial to prioritize and avoid working extra hours when family duties require attention, even if work tasks seem urgent.   

Setting boundaries is closely tied to emotional intelligence because it involves understanding and managing one’s emotions and effectively navigating interpersonal relationships. Emotional intelligence encompasses self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills.  

When setting boundaries, individuals with high emotional intelligence know their needs, limitations, and priorities. They can recognize when their emotional well-being and personal life may be affected by work demands. They proactively manage their emotions by setting boundaries and preventing burnout or overwhelming stress.  

Mary Joy’s insights highlight the value of motherhood skills in the workplace and offer practical advice for other working mothers. By embracing their unique abilities, believing in themselves, and setting boundaries, working mothers can successfully navigate the demands of both their personal and professional lives. 

Adaptability and Flexibility 

Motherhood often requires adapting to ever-changing circumstances and adjusting plans. Mothers are adept at embracing change, remaining calm under pressure, and finding innovative solutions to unforeseen challenges. This adaptability and flexibility make them valuable assets in fast-paced work environments where agility and resilience are essential. Another skill that mothers have is the ability to stay organized. From ensuring the kids have all their school supplies to ensuring the house is tidy, mothers can stay organized and ensure everything runs smoothly. Staying organized is a valuable skill in the workplace since it allows employees to keep on top of their tasks and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. Mothers also can be flexible.   

In many cases, a mother’s day can be unpredictable, and she needs to adjust quickly to changing circumstances. Being flexible is a valuable skill in the workplace since it allows employees to adapt to changing conditions and be ready for whatever tasks come their way.   


These are just some of the unique skills that mothers have and are invaluable in the workplace. Mothers can prioritize, stay organized, be flexible, and manage their time. Delma Montemayor, an Agent in the APAC region, highlights mothers’ sacrifice by leaving their children to work and provide for their financial needs. This demonstrates their strong sense of responsibility and commitment.  

When asked about advice for other working mothers looking to leverage their skills and perspectives, Delma emphasizes the power of believing. She recognizes her beliefs as a valuable tool to navigate life’s challenges, allowing working mothers to find strength and guidance.  

Their sacrifices, multitasking abilities, reliance on their beliefs, and commitment to fulfilling responsibilities showcase their resilience and dedication to their families and professional roles.   

All these skills can help make employees more successful in their jobs. So, if you’re looking to hire a new employee, remember to consider the unique skillset of mothers. 

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