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Top 3 Ways to Define Success in Life and Career

We are constantly looking forward to achieving success in life and career. The life and job you choose to pursue are integral to your identity and it also directly relates to how successful you will be in life and in your career. Defining success can help us focus on what matters most while allowing us to make decisions based on facts, not just wishful thinking or fear of failure.   

Success is a common goal in everyone’s life. It motivates us to work professionally and achieve the desired results that we have set for ourselves. We all want to be successful, but not everyone knows how to define success or what it means to them. 

Knowing what success means to you can be difficult because there are so many different ways that people define it. There is a difference between being successful and living a successful life. Success means a luxurious lifestyle for some, while for others, it means being happy and content with what they have achieved. Success in life depends on many things: your values, education level, interests, career path, motivation level, and even maintaining a work-life balance. Whatever the definition of success may be for you can be used to help determine your goals. Here are three ways to define success.  

What are the top 3 ways to define success in life?  

1) Success is living a life of meaning   

If you ask most people what success is, they will probably say living a life of meaning or having a sense of purpose. Successful people tend to be fulfilled and derive happiness from their careers instead of just money earned. Having a sense of purpose will help you know what you want.  

After defining happiness, the next step is to limit what we mean by happiness. This can be challenging because your definition of happiness will change depending on who you are and where you live at that moment in time. Happiness is not just about feeling good or having a positive emotional state but finding it as a way of life. Living a meaningful life means living a life with some significance or purpose.  

People can find their sense of purpose through many different activities, such as family, work, and charitable work. Career success is deeply personal, and your definition of career success will change throughout your professional life. Living a personal and professional life filled with purpose and value can make you happier, more content, more resilient through hard times, and more likely to influence the lives of others. 

A meaningful life is ultimately one you can look back on and feel fulfilled. Deciding your priority and making choices towards that is one giant step closer to figuring out what a meaningful life looks like for you every day.     

2) Determine what career success means to you  

Establishing your vision for professional success takes time and self-reflection but ultimately allows you to find career development opportunities in a satisfying direction. Learning about different areas of your professional development is an excellent starting point for identifying your professional strengths, weaknesses, and options regarding the skillset you bring to the workplace.  

Employee development is critical to meeting your company’s skills requirements and essential for your success. Consider your role models, mentors, friends, or successful people you admire, and discover what you would like to emulate from them. Determine your priorities and incorporate them into your definition of success. 

Evaluate your career path carefully, thinking about the positions you´ve held in the past and where you would like to be. Constantly look for new opportunities to help you build the career you want and how it can serve your professional trajectory. And finally, don´t be afraid of taking the initiative.  

When you know what career success looks like, communicate those desires to your manager and take the initiative to move in that direction. Be ready to start designing your dream career.     

3) Create your level of success  

Effort and talent are necessary for success, but they’re not sufficient. Given that you dedicate so much of your time and energy to building your career, it would make sense to clarify and determine your success benchmarks. The ability to create the right conditions for your success is also critical.  

Without a clear plan, motivation quickly dissipates, and you revert to old behaviors that don’t support new goals. Without the proper resources or environment, skill is useless without opportunity; without effort and talent working together, all you have left is luck. To become successful, you need to develop both of those traits in yourself. Historically career success has been measured along the lines of money, power, and position, but successful people aren’t born with innate abilities.  

So how do they do it? They take on goals for weeks, months, or even years. However, defining your vision of the world means identifying what it would mean in the next couple of days, hours, or even minutes. Try implementing a to-do list with real success examples, from personal life to career goals. What if success today was taking time to do some exercise? Or maybe, finishing that last report? Both plans will help you accomplish two sides of sensation, feeling much more accomplished and prouder. Success in Life.


Success is the experience of being happy and satisfied with your life. Some people are successful in their careers, while others are successful in their personal lives. You can be successful at anything you set out to do if you have a positive attitude toward it and put your heart into it.  

Successful people make time every day to do something they enjoy, whether reading, exercising, or spending time with friends and family. They give back to the community by volunteering or helping those less fortunate. Or continuously set new goals and challenges for themselves when at work. Remember that excellent success for you will always be the one that fulfills your life.   

At Support Services Group, success comes from happiness and setting new goals for yourself. We encourage everyone to work hard while caring for their well-being, growth, and progress.   

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