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Know What You Want – What Career Do You Want?

We have already faced this question even when we were children: ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ Whether this was something brought forward to us in a classroom setting or something that we have been exploring since then, it’s inevitable that all of us will eventually find our career path.  

Soon enough, it’s a question that not only takes us back to childhood games of playing pretend but something that we take seriously because it will eventually be a core factor in living our lives to the fullest.  

So, what do you want to be in life? How do you know if your career in mind is the right one for you? 

It’s all about what you want. 

Most of the time, we get scared or anxious in opening about our career choices because we are not sure if others will have the same point of view. To know what you want, start with the simple question am I choosing this career path to please others?  

While it’s important to consider the opinions of people—especially those you trust, such as your parents or mentor—at the end of the day, it all goes back to your personal decisions. Ultimately, it’s a choice that lies in what you truly want to do as a professional and how you can succeed. 

How do I discover my true calling? 

It’s part of the question we have all asked ourselves, even though we thought that we had our career options laid out before us. With the many possible professional paths, it’s natural to wonder.  

Self-reflection: you and your passion 

The usual first step in finding your career is to ask yourself, “what do I want to do in life?” We have been constantly in the process of exploring our passions, and choosing a career is the next step to continuously promote that passion and improve yourself in that area. You know yourself better than anyone, and you have the willingness to prove that you can succeed as a professional if you put your heart into it. 

Self-evaluation: your capability to push through 

Now that you have laid down what you want and the jobs you want to try, it’s time to sit down and see if you can commit to the role/s that you are about to pursue. You are now coming to a point where you must live out what you truly want to do in life through a professional work setting. So, the question remains whether this is a career path you can commit to, or will you continue to explore your other capabilities. 

Self-discovery: exploring your career choices 

To know if it’s something that you truly want and it’s your calling, explore more about the careers that you have chosen. Whether you are already on the job or are in the process of researching your future professional career, give yourself time to get to know more about your choice. Who knows, you might discover skills that are beyond what you only think you have! This is also a way of getting comfortable when the time comes when you are living out your role in an organization. 

Self-assessment: have I found the career I want? 

After you have considered everything there is to learn in your chosen career path, it’s time to assess whether this is the profession you have dreamed of taking on. Consider your experience, was it something that made you feel accomplished? When you have fully researched and even had a hands-on experience with a chosen profession, there should be a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. That’s when you’ll know that this is truly what you want to do and want to grow professionally. 

Knowing what you want: an endless learning process 

Finding your career happiness that you want to take in life is a process of discovering yourself and how you can use your passion and capabilities to make a difference in an organization.  

However, learning does not stop when you have successfully landed the position you want, instead, it’s a continuous process of self-discovery and skills improvement as you journey in your career. The right company will most certainly guide you in developing your abilities and honing your skills as you grow professionally and personally. 


Support Services Group is a company that does not only offer the career path of your choice but as well as a community that ensures every employee can challenge themselves to greater heights and come out as better people as they progress in their professional career.  

To discover more about SSG and our career offerings, visit our Career Page and start exploring.

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