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5 Benefits of Working for the Best Companies 

Benefits of Working for the Best Companies

A good employer means being able to provide for the needs of the employees. It means having an excellent employee satisfaction rate and consistently keeping the employees engaged. However, many companies fail to do this. 

According to a report, 89% of workers at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. This only means that employee satisfaction is really a huge factor in the growth of a business.  

To be one of the best companies is not that simple. An organization must be able to have a high employee satisfaction rate at the same time, and provide great perks and benefits to employees like you.  

What is employee satisfaction? 

Employee satisfaction is defined by bambooHR as a term used to describe how satisfied or content employees are with the performance of their company. This includes the employees’ job, employee experience, and the organizations they work for. 

Companies conduct employee surveys annually to measure their employee satisfaction. Satisfaction is the result of both material factors like compensation and benefits as well as leadership, engagement, and career growth

Benefits of Working for the Best Companies

Perks and Benefits of Working for the Best Companies 

To increase employee satisfaction, companies are required to provide you with benefits besides the salary you receive. However, there are certain perks and benefits that only the best companies and big organizations can offer.  

1. Remote or Hybrid Work Set-Up Options 

Based on a survey, 68% of workers say the ability to work remotely and on-site is the perfect work model. Hybrid work set-up is preferred by most employees, that’s why some companies offer it. However, not all businesses can afford it. 

Allowing employees to work in a hybrid set-up would mean being more dependent on technology and tools. But not all companies have the capacity to purchase more equipment and tools. They would need to provide laptops, headsets, webcams, and other gadgets to help boost the productivity and efficiency of their employees when they are working from home. 

2. On-Site Health Services 

Besides the standard health insurance benefits, the best companies also have on-site health services. Usually, they have a clinic with company nurses and doctors. You can make appointments with the nurses and doctors for just a quick check-up and they can also prescribe you medications for instances wherein you are not feeling well. Some clinics also partner with the cafeteria in offering healthier meals at the office.  

Big companies go the extra mile to keep their employees healthy and ensure that you are fit and ready to work.  

3. Flexible Work Schedule 

According to Gartner 2021 Digital Worker Experience Survey, 43% of employees said that flexibility in working hours helped them achieve greater productivity. This only means that flexible working hours do not only attract applicants but also boost employee satisfaction. 

Some companies fail to offer flexible working hours since they are worried that managers or supervisors might have a difficult time monitoring their team members. Moreover, it can also be costly for businesses since the electricity in the office will be used for a longer period each day. 

4. Employee Discounts 

For sure you love getting company-exclusive discounts. Employees would want to be part of a company that offers discounts on big-ticket purchases such as smartphones, cars, or even homes. But since not all organizations can afford that, some businesses offer company-exclusive discounts on clothing brands, restaurants, and appliances.  

One of the most common employee discounts that companies can offer you is restaurant or café vouchers. They can also offer discounts and vouchers on food delivery applications. 

5. Free Meals or Snacks 

One great way that businesses do to differentiate themselves from their competitors is by providing free meals and snacks to their employees. You would most likely want to be in a company that helps you refuel and recharge during the workday. 

This doesn’t mean that companies will provide food for you daily. This can be applicable on certain occasions or can also be just once every week. For instance, your company can offer free meals for the employees during a holiday as a way of showing that they appreciate you for working in the office. They can also treat you to a free lunch on your birthday or work anniversary as a small gift on your special day.  


All companies can offer benefits and competitive compensations. However, the benefits that a specific business can offer may be better compared to its competitors. This can affect their employee satisfaction. Better benefits mean higher satisfaction since employees are contented and happy with what they receive.  

As an employee, you would want to be part of a company that can give you your needs and also your wants. You would want to be in an organization that offers the best set of perks and benefits with a high salary.  

During those times when a huge number of people are voluntarily quitting their jobs, a thoughtful and generous benefits and compensation package is crucial for keeping the employees and hiring new talents. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 

The benefits and perks package of every company can be different from another. That’s why it is better to choose an employer that can offer you the best set of benefits. Do your research and always ask questions to get to know more about the company and what they can offer. 

In Support Services Group, we offer generous benefits to all our employees. We make sure that we provide their needs and their wants to keep them satisfied and engaged. Besides the benefits, we also conduct activities that will help our employees stay motivated and will keep our workplace happy. 

Be one of us! Visit our Careers page and be part of SSG. 

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