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Finding a Career You Love & Make a Difference on the World

When people are faced with the question of their career choices, they get a variety of answers; some are successfully living out their dream jobs, while others are still deliberating on the right path for them.  

This is natural, especially for young people, as ‘dream jobs’ come with challenges when the time comes to enter the professional world. The career one chooses becomes an important aspect of life as something a person must commit to and live every day.  

Finding a Career
Finding a Career

Passion versus needs: is it a difficult choice? 

For starters, we often hear the common word ‘passion’ vis-a-vis the reality that we must face when it comes to finding ourselves jobs. Most of the time, facing career choices is something people tend to prolong because they cannot debate between following what they want versus their current needs. But is it really that difficult? 

Read on for more tips on finding a career you can both truly love and enjoy.  

5 tips on finding the career you love 

Identify your passion 

Remember when you were asked to choose the degree you wanted to major in college? It has a similar circumstance here when it comes to deciding what you want to be in life. When searching for the right career, never ignore your passion because it is the foundation of the performance you will show in the workplace. It’s always best to evaluate what you love to do as it also helps others to guide you in your career choices.  

Do your research 

One tip for finding your dream job is to do your own research. There are various job positions and career paths available, and you want to ensure that you understand these. Take, for example, the case of Information Technology which it is easily perceived merely as troubleshooting computers when in fact, it encompasses different possibilities such as website designing or even video game programming. Always do a thorough research on the career path of your choice, or you might end up seeing only the surface.  

Explore possibilities 

When it comes to the challenges of searching for the career you love, don’t hesitate to explore various possibilities. It’s about being open-minded not only to the pleasures that your chosen career will bring but as well as the challenges ahead. It’s also about looking at the bigger picture of your chosen career and how it could work out in the long run.  

Seek out advice 

Whether it’s finding a career, or you are happily living out your professional life, one great tip is to continuously seek advice. If you are still searching for a career path for you, it’s good to ask people you trust regarding your upcoming decisions; after all, choosing a career is a crucial life decision that could affect your future. While you are doing research about the career you opt to take, it’s not a bad idea to ask for advice occasionally to affirm your choices.  

Listen to your heart 

Lastly, and perhaps the sum of all the other tips laid out here, is to listen to what your heart truly says about your career preference. Most of the time, even if you seek out the advice of others, there is still a feeling of uncertainty and even confusion. So, at the end of the day, it always ends with the advice that comes from within you.  

Find yourself, make a difference on the world 

Finding a career that you love requires time and effort, but it also requires some sort of self-evaluation—asking yourself if this is what you want. Every role in the professional setting contributes to society and the world as someone who participates in sharing the knowledge and expertise required to succeed in an organization.  

Of course, being in the right corporate setting helps you further your career and develop yourself as an individual and a professional. 


With companies like Support Services Group, we ensure that you get to explore various career opportunities within a safe space. We seek to empower our people, allowing ourselves to not only focus on tasks that make our company move but to give time to learn and grow our employees.  

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