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5 Inspiring Lessons as a Working Mom that Can Benefit Your Career 

Embarking on the journey of motherhood is an extraordinary and profoundly transformative experience that shapes a woman’s life in remarkable ways. The joy and fulfillment it brings are immeasurable. Still, it is no secret that this role also presents distinctive challenges, particularly for those who navigate the delicate balance of being a working mom. Juggling the demands of a career alongside the responsibilities of raising a family may appear daunting at first. Yet, precisely within this intricate dance, working moms discover invaluable lessons capable of enriching and propelling their professional journeys forward.

As a working mom, you develop a heightened sense of time management, realizing that each passing moment holds immeasurable value. Juggling the myriad of tasks that encompass work, household responsibilities, and tending to your children’s needs can be overwhelming. Yet, by mastering the art of time management, you unlock the ability to prioritize effectively, delegate responsibilities, and gracefully assert yourself by saying no when necessary. This newfound proficiency empowers you to optimize productivity, enhance efficiency, and meet deadlines with remarkable finesse, ultimately bolstering your professional prowess.

Motherhood necessitates the simultaneous execution of numerous responsibilities, whether preparing a meal while assisting your child with homework or managing a household while meeting work deadlines. This innate ability to seamlessly manage multiple projects or tasks carries over into the professional realm, where the demands of a fast-paced workplace often require swift adaptation and the simultaneous execution of various assignments. Mastery of multitasking empowers working moms to optimize efficiency and productivity, propelling their careers to new heights.

In problem-solving, working moms are seasoned experts, adept at swiftly finding solutions amidst the chaos. From diffusing temper tantrums to remedying spills on carpets, mothers consistently demonstrate their aptitude for resolving issues with poise and pragmatism. This invaluable skillset seamlessly transitions to the workplace, where problem-solving is a cornerstone of success. Armed with their ability to navigate complex challenges, working moms guide their teams toward triumph, overcoming obstacles, and delivering innovative solutions that set them apart in their careers.

The journey of being a working mom is undoubtedly a challenging one, necessitating exceptional resilience and perseverance. However, within the crucible of this unique experience lies a transformative opportunity for personal and professional growth by embracing the lessons learned along this path—mastering time management.

Here are some lessons that can help you advance your career as a working mom: 

Working Mom

Must-Have Skill for Working Moms

Time Management  

As a working mom, time management has become a critical skill you must master. Juggling between work, household chores, and taking care of children can be overwhelming, and managing your time. What are the specific challenges working moms face in balancing work and family? Effectively can make all the difference. You must prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and learn to say no when necessary. By mastering time management, you can improve your productivity and efficiency and meet deadlines, which can benefit your career.   


Flexibility is another critical skill that working moms need to learn. You need to adapt to changing circumstances and be open to new ways of doing things. As a mother, unexpected situations can arise, such as a child falling ill or a school event you must attend. By being flexible and adaptable, you can handle these situations effectively without compromising your work commitments. This skill can also help you navigate through changes in the workplace, such as new projects or management changes.   


Multitasking is another skill that comes naturally to working moms. As a mother, you are often required to do several tasks simultaneously, such as cooking dinner while helping your child with homework. This skill can be applied in the workplace, where you may have to manage multiple projects or tasks simultaneously. By mastering multitasking, you can improve your efficiency and productivity, which can benefit your career.   


As a mother, you are often required to solve problems on the go. It would help if you found a solution quickly, whether it’s a temper tantrum or a spill on the carpet. This skill can be applied in the workplace, where problem-solving is essential. By being a problem solver, you can help your team overcome challenges and find solutions to complex issues, which can help you stand out in your career.   


Empathy is another valuable lesson working moms can bring to the workplace. As a mother, you naturally empathize with your children’s needs and emotions. This skill can be applied in the workplace, where empathy can help you build strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and customers. By being empathetic, you can understand their needs and concerns, which can help you provide better service and build trust.   

Being a working mom can be challenging but can also provide valuable lessons that benefit your career. You can become a more efficient, productive, and helpful employee by mastering time management, flexibility, multitasking, problem-solving, and empathy. These skills can help you stand out in your career and achieve your goals while balancing the demands of work and family.  

Working Mom

Advice from Working Moms 

Several working moms shared their experiences and lessons learned. They emphasized the importance of finding an even balance between work and family, developing skills such as patience, staying organized, and taking opportunities to learn and grow. They also highlighted the importance of asking for help, communicating effectively with family and employers, and setting reasonable goals.  

Jessica Chailland, a Trainer in NAM, shared her experience as a working mom and the lessons she learned that can benefit others in their careers. According to her, finding an even balance between work and family is essential to avoid feeling overwhelmed and like a failure. She emphasizes keeping them separate, giving each one 100% effort, and focusing on eliminating second-guessing herself.  

Her experience with motherhood also helped her develop valuable skills in the workplace, such as patience and multitasking. She learned how to be patient with her kids, and that skill translates to being patient with people and situations at work, which can make a significant impact.  

For other working moms looking to advance in their careers, Jessica advises taking their time and not rushing the process. She emphasizes keeping priorities in order, especially when unexpected events, such as a child’s illness, arise. While it may mean losing out on one opportunity, there will always be another chance to return stronger.  

Dion Hatch, a Tech Support member of NAM, also shared her lessons learned as a working mom. She knew how to be patient with herself and sought professional help when balancing work and being a first-time mom. Hatch also developed staying-ready and organized skills, adopting the 5 Ps of life: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Her advice for working moms looking to advance in their careers is to change how they think about opportunities and absorb as much knowledge as possible, going the extra mile with online classes to achieve a better life.  

Dion and Jessica share valuable insights that working moms can apply to their careers. Balancing work and family, staying patient, and taking opportunities to learn and grow can help working moms achieve their goals and find fulfillment in their careers and personal lives.  

Ashley Carmer, a Customer Service Representative, shared some valuable insights on how being a working mom has helped her develop practical skills in the workplace. She emphasized the importance of patience and understanding when dealing with co-workers who are also parents and demanding customers.

Additionally, Ashley discussed how she stays organized and manages her time effectively by creating a schedule and routine for her child, which has helped her stay on track at work. For other working moms looking to advance in their careers, Ashley recommends setting reasonable goals and communicating effectively with your family and employer. Working moms can achieve their goals while prioritizing their families by taking things one step at a time and seeing measurable progress.  

Rachel Ferguson, Talent Acquisition Supervisor at NAM, shares that one of the most important lessons she has learned is to ask for help. Rachel believes that no one can do it alone, and surrounding yourself with people who understand the struggles of being a mom and having a career is crucial. Rachel shares that she couldn’t have succeeded in her career without the help of her family, friends, and colleagues. She also emphasizes the importance of time flexibility and setting priorities accordingly.  

Rachel relies heavily on calendars to stay organized and manage her time effectively. She keeps everything on her phone’s calendar, including her work and kids’ schedules. She sets reminders for essential things and prioritizes her time based on what is most important. Rachel believes being flexible and adaptable is critical to managing her time effectively.  

When asked what advice she would give to other working moms looking to advance in their careers, Rachel advises them to set goals for themselves, not give up, and remember to reward themselves for meeting their goals. She also reminds them to take time for themselves, as everyone needs time to unwind and reset. By being determined, staying organized, and reaching out for help, Rachel has succeeded in her career and role as a mom.  

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How can prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, and saying no, when necessary, help working moms manage their time effectively? What other valuable lessons can work moms learn that can benefit their careers? 

Imee Chrisel Barrientos states how shehas learned the importance of balance in her personal and professional life. She believes that everyone is equally important and balancing everything is crucial. Being a working mother has helped her develop valuable skills such as effective communication, supervision, and multitasking.

Imee stays organized and managed her time effectively by setting achievable goals, knowing her priorities, and setting reasonable time limits.  

For other working moms looking to advance in their careers, Imee advises them to always focus on their objectives and stay committed to achieving their goals. She suggests working efficiently and effectively to avoid errors while balancing the demands of work and motherhood. Imee’s tips for achieving this balance include prioritizing tasks, delegating responsibilities, and taking breaks to avoid burnout. Imee understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance as a team leader and encourages her team members to find their balance.  

As Mary Joy Titong mentioned, setting a schedule and prioritizing tasks can help working moms stay organized and manage their time effectively. Setting boundaries and learning to say no when necessary is essential to prevent burnout and stress. Communication is also vital at work and at home, as it can help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.  

As for those looking to advance in their careers, it’s crucial to focus on your objectives and set achievable goals. It’s also important to seek help when needed and surround yourself with supportive people who understand the challenges of being a working mom.  

Delma Montemayor learned the importance of having long patience, a sharp mind, and a solid will to cope with life’s trials. To stay organized and manage her time effectively, she prepares things in the evening that her daughters will use the next day, so she understands when going to work. She also emphasizes that being an employee should not affect her responsibilities as a mother.  

For other working moms looking to advance in their careers, Delma advises not to give up no matter how hard the work is. She encourages them to think that they are doing it for their family, especially their child, to provide for their needs. To balance the demands of work and motherhood without sacrificing one for the other, Delma suggests balancing time and relying on family to provide the help and support needed. 

The responses of these seven fantastic working mothers inspire us to see how they juggle their careers and motherhood while still succeeding in both. From their responses, it’s clear that time management, effective communication, and setting priorities are essential skills that can help working moms grow in their careers.  


In conclusion, being a working mom can be challenging but can also provide valuable lessons that can benefit your career. From time management to problem-solving, multitasking, and empathy, working moms can bring unique skills to the workplace. Moreover, balancing work and family is essential to avoid feeling overwhelmed. By setting priorities and communicating effectively with family and employers, working moms can achieve their goals while prioritizing their families.

The valuable insights and lessons shared by Jessica Chailland, Dion Hatch, Ashley Carmer, Rachel Ferguson, and many other working moms can guide other working moms looking to advance in their careers. With patience, understanding, and a willingness to learn and grow, working moms can achieve their career goals while being present for their families. 


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