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Motherhood and Leadership

Motherhood is a transformative journey that profoundly shapes a woman’s life. Beyond its impact on the individual, motherhood also brings unique perspectives and skills that can significantly enhance their positions and provide invaluable leadership lessons . The ability to balance the responsibilities of raising children while successfully leading teams and organizations is a testament to mothers’ resilience, adaptability, and compassion.  

In this blog, we delve into the insightful interviews conducted with Whitney Bearden, Jenn Dunfee, Imee Chrisel Barrientos, and Kathleen Alexis Delina, all accomplished professionals who have experienced the intersection of motherhood and leadership firsthand. 

Throughout this blog, we explore mothers’ unique perspectives on leadership positions and how these perspectives can greatly benefit teams and organizations.  

From their ability to empathize and understand diverse viewpoints to their talent for multitasking and managing complex situations, mothers bring a wealth of invaluable skills. Moreover, we acknowledge the ongoing challenges working mothers face in leadership positions and the need for support systems and strategies to achieve a harmonious work-life balance. 

Join us as we delve into the inspiring stories and wisdom these remarkable women share, rating motherhood’s unique perspective on leadership roles, and empowering aspiring working mothers to pursue their career ambitions while nurturing their families. 

Motherhood and Leadership

The Unique Perspective Moms Bring to the Table 

The personal testimonials of these remarkable mothers provide a deeper understanding of the influence motherhood has on leadership. Through their unique experiences and perspectives, we gain insights into the challenges they have faced, their motherhood lessons, and their advice for other working mothers aspiring to leadership roles. Their stories exemplify the strength, resilience, and determination that mothers bring to the table and highlight the importance of balancing their roles as mothers and leaders. Let us now delve into their inspiring journeys and discover the invaluable contributions they have made as working mothers in leadership positions. 

Whitney Bearden – Senior Operations Manager  

Influence of Motherhood on Leadership: 

Whitney Bearden, a Senior Operations Manager, shares her experiences of how being a mother has influenced her approach to leadership. She emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between one’s career and the role of a mother, debunking the myth that one must choose between the two.  

Whitney’s experience as a working mother has shown her the challenges that can arise, when necessary appointments and special moments coincide with work responsibilities. She expresses her gratitude for having a boss who understands the complexities of motherhood and demonstrates flexibility and understanding when these situations arise. As a leader, Whitney now strives to provide her employees with the same balance and knowledge, recognizing that life can throw unexpected curveballs outside their control. 

Challenges Faced and Overcoming Them: 

Whitney acknowledges that being a working mother in a leadership position comes with its own set of challenges. One of the significant hurdles she has faced is finding the delicate balance between her responsibilities as a mother and her leadership responsibilities at work. There have been times when her children were sick or had important activities coinciding with significant work commitments. However, Whitney has been fortunate to have a robust support system, including her village of friends and family who have stepped in to help when needed. She firmly believes in not missing out on important moments in her children’s lives and strives to maintain that balance. 

Advice for Aspiring Working Mothers in Leadership: 

“My advice to other working mothers who aspire to leadership is to go ahead and make the jump. We are showing the future generation that it is possible and normal to be here, which isn’t something some of our mothers and grandmothers could do. My daughter has decided that someday she will take my job and put it on her school projects for her future goals. It can seem daunting, especially when the kids are little, but it does get easier as you go along.” 

 Whitney Bearden  

Jenn Dunfee – Director of Learning and Development 

Influence of Motherhood on Leadership: 

Jenn Dunfee, the Director of Learning and Development, shares how becoming a mother has influenced her approach to leadership. She highlights that motherhood has ignited an increased drive and determination within her to prove that both a successful career and parenthood can coexist. Instead of leaving her ambitions, passion, and goals in the delivery room, Jenn has become even more motivated to show her children they can have both.  

With the arrival of her daughter, Jenn experienced a profound shift in perspective. She realized the importance of making intentional decisions directly impacting her child’s perception of what a woman can achieve. This realization fueled her self-advocacy and proactive creation of a clear career path that aligns with her passions and aspirations. Jenn’s journey demonstrates the transformative power of motherhood in empowering women to define and pursue their goals. 

Unique Perspectives of Mothers in Leadership: 

According to Jenn, mothers bring unique perspectives to leadership positions invaluable to teams and organizations. Mothers demonstrate strength, resilience, and adaptability from childbirth, which is fundamental to effective leadership. These qualities are honed through the experience of raising and nurturing a child, as mothers are constantly faced with challenges and unexpected situations that require quick thinking and adaptability.  

Moreover, Jenn emphasizes treating individuals with personalized approaches, as mothers do with their children. Recognizing that each person is unique, mothers are skilled at understanding and adapting to different personalities, needs, and circumstances. Translating this skill to leadership positions, mothers can foster a sense of belonging and create environments where individuals feel seen, heard, and valued. By embracing their team members’ diverse perspectives and experiences, mothers in leadership positions can unlock the full potential of their teams. 

Advice for Aspiring Working Mothers in Leadership: 

“Got for it!  

Set realistic short- and long-term goals for yourself, and don’t be afraid to want more!  

It took me quite a while to accept and understand this; you don’t have to do it all!   

Outsource what you can and save time for what you care about most.  

Sometimes, that means having takeout instead of a Pinterest-inspired meal, an extra load of laundry in the hamper, or your 2-year-old knowing your Starbucks order by heart because mornings are a little crazy.  

You must focus your energy on what makes your heart feel full.” 

Jenn Dunfee 

Motherhood and Leadership

Imee Chrisel Barrientos – Team Leader 

Influence of Motherhood on Leadership: 

Imee Chrisel Barrientos, a Team Leader, highlights motherhood’s influence on her leadership approach. As a mother, Imee has honed her multitasking skills, ensuring that she effectively addresses the concerns and needs of her team members. The ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and prioritize tasks is an asset that she has developed through the experience of being a mother. 

Unique Perspectives of Mothers in Leadership: 

Mothers bring a unique perspective to leadership positions, as Imee emphasizes. They possess a remarkable ability to empathize and see the world from different perspectives. Drawing from their experiences as caregivers, mothers have a deep understanding of individuals’ diverse needs and emotions. This understanding allows them to connect with their team members more profoundly, fostering a sense of trust and mutual support within the workplace. 

Balancing Responsibilities and Overcoming Challenges: 

Imee sheds light on the challenges working mothers face in leadership positions and shares her strategies for balancing her responsibilities as a mother and a team leader. She emphasizes the importance of establishing boundaries between work and family time, recognizing that creating a clear separation helps manage the demands of both roles. By setting limits and allocating dedicated time for family, working mothers can ensure they are present and engaged in their children’s lives.  

However, Imee acknowledges that maintaining a work-life balance is an ongoing challenge. Balancing personal and professional responsibilities can be demanding and sometimes overwhelming. Despite the difficulties, she remains resilient and committed to finding solutions that allow her to navigate these challenges while excelling in her leadership role. 

Kathleen Alexis Delina – Team Leader APAC 

Prioritizing Responsibilities as a Working Mother: 

Kathleen Alexis Delina, a Team Leader in the APAC region, shares her insights on prioritizing her responsibilities as a working mother. She emphasizes the importance of time management, ensuring that tasks are carefully planned and executed. By addressing urgent tasks first, Kathleen effectively manages her workload and ensures that critical matters are attended to promptly. This approach allows her to balance her role as a mother and her leadership responsibilities at work. 

Communicating Motherhood Skills to Employers and Colleagues: 

When communicating the skills she has developed through motherhood to her employers and colleagues, Kathleen highlights the increased sense of responsibility and motivation. As a mother, she has learned to be more accountable for her actions and decisions, which translate into her professional life. Kathleen makes a conscious effort to showcase her commitment and dedication, ensuring that her employers and colleagues understand the responsibility she brings to her role as a team leader. 

Influence of Motherhood on Leadership: 

Motherhood has influenced Kathleen’s approach to leadership by instilling discipline and compassion. As a mother, she has learned the importance of discipline in managing her time, resources, and expectations. This discipline carries over into her role as a team leader, where she strives to maintain structure and efficiency within her team. Additionally, Kathleen’s experience has cultivated her compassion, allowing her to empathize with her team members and approach them with understanding and support.   

Unique Perspectives of Mothers in Leadership: 

According to Kathleen, mothers bring a unique perspective to leadership positions by trusting and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Drawing from their experience of nurturing and guiding their children, mothers naturally believe in the capabilities of those around them. They provide a supportive environment that fosters growth and encourages team members to take ownership of their work. This perspective enhances collaboration, creativity, and productivity within teams and contributes to the organization’s overall success. 

Kathleen communicates the skills she has developed through motherhood by demonstrating increased responsibility and motivation in her professional life. Her advice for career advancement encourages working mothers to use their children as a motivation to achieve their goals. Through the lens of motherhood, Kathleen approaches leadership with discipline and compassion, fostering a supportive and empowering environment for her team members. 


The stories and insights shared by Whitney Bearden, Jenn Dunfee, Imee Chrisel Barrientos, and Kathleen Alexis Delina provide a powerful testament to motherhood’s unique perspective on leadership positions. Through their experiences, we see the transformative effect that becoming a mother has on one’s approach to leadership and the invaluable skills and qualities nurtured along the way. 

These remarkable women have shown us that it is possible to balance motherhood’s responsibilities with the demands of leadership. They have shattered the notion that women must choose between a successful career and being a devoted mother. Instead, they have demonstrated that motherhood enhances their leadership abilities, allowing them to bring compassion, resilience, adaptability, and multitasking skills to their roles. 

The unique perspectives that mothers bring to leadership positions are immeasurable. From their innate ability to empathize and see the world from different perspectives to their commitment to understanding and supporting their team members, mothers provide a nurturing and inclusive approach to leadership. They inspire trust, empower others, and create environments where individuals can thrive. 

As we celebrate the insights and achievements of these working mothers, it is essential to acknowledge the ongoing challenges they face in achieving work-life balance. Juggling the responsibilities of work and family can be demanding, and it requires support systems, an understanding of employers, and effective time-management strategies. By sharing their stories and advice, these women encourage other working mothers to find their unique balance and prioritize what truly matters. 

In conclusion, mothers’ unique perspective on leadership positions is invaluable. Their experiences as mothers shape their approach to leadership, fostering qualities that benefit teams and organizations. As we strive for gender equality and inclusivity in the workplace, it is crucial to recognize and celebrate the contributions of working mothers in leadership roles. They inspire future generations, showing that it is possible to excel in both career and motherhood, and their impact is reshaping the leadership landscape. Let us continue to support and uplift these exceptional women as they pave the way for a more inclusive and balanced future. 


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