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Automotive & Hospitality


Accelerating customer satisfaction through outstanding support.

The automotive sales and services industry is fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving. At Support Services Group,
we understand the importance of protecting your brand’s value, listening to your customer’s voice, and finding
new clients to stay ahead in this dynamic market.

We specialize in delivering exceptional customer experiences and reducing costly complaints. By determining the
locations, parts, and models where customer complaints are exceptionally high, we can help you optimize your
operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our expert team can also track improvements in loyalty and delivery of critical factors, categorize customer
feedback and trends over time, and mentor your teams through opportunities for improvement and compliments
for a job well done.

Verticals – Automotive



Serving exceptional customer experience across various channels.

In the fiercely competitive food-service industry, brand protection is paramount. At SSG, we understand the importance of delivering a consistent and quality customer experience, as well as effectively handling customer feedback and recovery.

Our expert team specializes in providing enhanced customer feedback, customer loyalty, and retention practices, ensuring that your brand remains strong and resilient in the face of any challenges.

With extensive experience supporting 870 locations across 20 states, we have the expertise to handle voice and web channels seamlessly, ensuring that your customers receive exceptional service every time.

To provide the best possible support, we have custom-built our proprietary software to manage cases and provide detailed drill-down reporting for your executive team, ensuring that you have the insights you need to make
informed decisions.

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