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International Streaming Service 


One of the world’s most admired brands was experiencing unprecedented volume at the launch of its steaming media business. The company, which is known for incredible customer service, was not able to provide that out of the gate due to skyrocketing demand for its new product. The company was looking for a BPO partner it could entrust with its loyal customers when SSG got the call. As is often the case when opportunity strikes, the ask was not easy: Hire 100 agents capable of providing White Glove, Concierge service in 4 weeks. Coverage would be 24-7/365 so the recruits had to work Christmas and New Year’s Day too. The effort kicked off the day before Thanksgiving, after most seasonal workers had already found second jobs.


November 2019: Support Services Group launched the recruiting effort in Waco, Texas.

Recruiting stuck to a very strict Hiring Profile – agents had to be highly skilled on day one.  

Established a bonus program to encourage working the holidays. 

Built a team, culture, environment, & toolset focused on the client’s core values.

Initial Results

December 2019: SSG achieved quality scores 20 points higher than incumbent vendors 

December 2019: Customer Satisfaction scores were at goal within 30 days of launch 

SSG c2

Expansion Timeline 

March 2020: Early success led to 228 FTE European expansion supporting Tier 1 escalations in German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English.  

April 2020:  25 FTE Tier 2 Escalations team added in Europe escalations in Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English.  

April 2020:  421 FTE Seasonal team supporting Europe. Team worked out of Texas, Utah, Novia Scotia and the Dominican Republic   

April 2020: Support launches with 50 FTE  

May 2020: Novia Scotia site added for additional 30 FTE of core support 

May 2020: Social Media team launched in the US with 50 FTE 

September 2020: Chat team of 30 FTE is added in the Dominican Republic 

September 2020: Chat team of 70 FTE launched in Mexico to handle volume spike 

September 2020: Support team of 25 FTE launched in Hungary to support US overnight shifts 

September 2020: Seasonal ramp to 200 FTE begins 

Go Forward 

With the trend of solid results continuing, the partnership is growing stronger every passing month. Further growth, in both FTEs and geographic footprint are planned as the program gains strength