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6 Ways How To Stay Humble at Work and Achieve More

Humble at Work

Maybe you just got promoted or you were recently praised for a great work you did. It’s your turn in the spotlight at work and everyone is recognizing your skills. What do you do? The best thing to do during these times is to be humble.  

What is humility? 

A humble person is someone who is willing to see themselves accurately and appreciate feedback. People with humility appreciate good feedback and accept constructive criticism for them to learn. This is their edge over the others. 

There is a fine line between being confident and being arrogant, and you surely don’t want to cross that line. Being arrogant at work could lead to so many issues at work. If your colleagues start to feel that you think you’re better than them, your relationship with them might fray. 

Benefits of Humility at Work 

It has been proven and tested that being humble at work will really be beneficial to your career and relationship to your workmates.  

Increase in productivity 

Working with humble people will motivate your colleagues to collaborate with each other more. Your humility can make a lot of difference since most them will get inspired by your hard work, wanting to do well at their work.  

More innovation 

When you are humble at work, you welcome new ideas and opinions from others. This will help you discover new perspective, making you more innovative, efficient, and productive at work. 

Stronger professional relationship 

Your colleagues will be more comfortable reaching out to you when you’re humble and kind. Collaboration will be easier because they would want to talk to you and be around you. 

Better ideas 

Being humble at work can encourage your colleagues to reach out to you and share their ideas. They will think that you’re approachable and understanding, making it easier for them to talk to you about their ideas to make work more convenient. 

6 Ways to Stay Humble at Work 

Being humble really goes a long way. It doesn’t cost anything plus, it helps your career advancement since it builds better relationship with your supervisor and colleagues. Here are some ways on how you can stay humble while still enjoying your success. 

Welcome criticism 

You are good but there will always a room for improvement. Criticisms can help you become better at what you do. For instance, you may seek an honest evaluation from your career mentor regarding your particular skill. Ask for some advice and apply their suggestions to your daily work. 

Listen more 

Remember to avoid dominating the conversation if you are naturally a chatty and talkative person. Allow others to speak and actively listen to what they are actually saying. Stay focused and let them share their thoughts before responding. Also, consider your colleagues’ ideas for this might help you finish your job faster. 

Be appreciative 

One career tip is to be a good team player. Finishing your tasks wouldn’t be possible without the help of your workmates and supervisor. That’s why it is important to show them that you appreciate them and the help they’ve been giving you. They will be happy to know that their help is being recognized, making them want to help you again next time. 

Acknowledge your mistakes 

Everyone makes mistakes every now and then.  Trying to cover it up will only make your colleagues think less of you. Instead of making excuses or blaming others for your mistakes at work, apologize and admit that you’ve done something wrong. Focus on finding a solution to the problem and try to reach out to others for help. 

Keep in mind that you won’t always be on top 

You won’t always have the spotlight. There will be times when another colleague will be the one at the top, and it’s okay. Congratulate them and offer your sincere appreciation for that person. Keep in mind that you are a team and you are also part of that success. Instead of treating your workmates as a competitor, think of them as your support system. 

Ask questions 

Humility means being open to other’s thoughts and opinions. Seek help from others and ask them to analyze a situation of yours. Listen to their feedback and compare it to yours. Their way of solving problems might make you rethink your usual process and you can learn even more. 

To be an effective employee, it is important to also have humility. Being humble at work can help everyone at your workplace be more collaborative, appreciative, and it will help your team to grow more. Humility is essential in connecting and building relationships. It fosters creativity and promotes accountability at work.  


When you’re with the right employer, it’s easier to be you and being humble comes naturally. That’s why choose a company that will help your career grow and will guide you on your work journey. Be humble at work.

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