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BPO Jobs: An Overview of 4 Different Types and How To Find Fascinating Advantages  

BPO Jobs

The global market size of outsourced services is continuously expanding. In fact, based on a report, The global business process outsourcing market reached USD 245.9 billion in the year 2021. This number is expected to expand, reaching a compound annual growth rate of 9.1% from 2022 to 2030. 

Companies continue to consider outsourcing services from business process outsourcing (BPO) companies for two main reasons: main two reasons – to save money and free up resources to focus on their core business. They get to capitalize on the expertise and financial advantages that outsourcing services provide. 

With that, more jobs are becoming available at BPO companies. Bpo jobs opportunities for both fresh graduates and employees who just want to climb the corporate ladder are very much welcome to join the BPO industry.  

Advantages of Working in a BPO (BPO Jobs)

A huge number of people get employed by BPO companies around the world yearly. Besides the career advancement opportunities, the industry offers a lot of benefits to its employees. Here are some advantages that working in a BPO can provide for you. 

1. Higher salary and better benefits 

Usually, BPO companies offer a competitive salary. Compared to other industries, the pay structure of entry-level jobs is higher in outsourcing companies.  So, you’ll be able to receive better benefits and salary package in a BPO company. 

2. Always in demand 

Any sector can outsource services from BPO companies. Businesses such as healthcare, education, technology, and manufacturing can outsource a part of their business process. So jobs in BPO companies are always in demand. 

3. Provides flexibility 

A job in BPO is perfect for you if you are looking for flexibility. Most of the time, BPO companies allow flexibility in terms of working hours and work setup. 

4. Faster career growth 

In a BPO company, you have the opportunity to choose from a range of career opportunities. It can help you enhance your skills since you get to handle both domestic and international clients. 

Types of Jobs in the BPO industry 

Contrary to the belief that call center agent is the only available work in a BPO company, it actually offers a lot of job opportunities. Check this list to know more about the different types of jobs in the BPO industry. 

Back-Office Jobs 

Back-office functions are not directly attributable to frontline customer support, sales, and services. They are usually not customer-facing, and their responsibilities are related to administrative functions. 

Back-office jobs include data verification, website content management, data entry, accounting, quality assurance, account processing, and human resources.  

Most businesses outsource these job positions to focus more on their core mission rather than engaging in time-consuming and expensive internal training and onboarding of employees.   

Front-Office Jobs 

The front-office functions consist of all the customer-facing operations within the business. Call center agents are part of the front-office jobs.  

Other positions include but are not limited to sales and marketing, customer support, help desk, service desk support, tech support, and inbound and outbound calls. 

These types of jobs require excellent communication skills, knowledge about the product or services being offered by the business, and understanding of what the customers need and want. 

Voice-Based Process 

One type of front-office job is the voice-based process which can either be inbound or outbound. Call center agents contact and reach out to customers through phone calls. 

In inbound processes, you will be handling calls that customers or prospect clients make. For instance, you were outsourced by a telecom company for their customer support. In this case, you will be the one receiving calls from customers usually asking about a service or product that the company offers. 

On the other hand, outbound processes aim to generate sales or can also be to collect dues.  As an outbound call center agent, you will be the one assigned to call customers and potential customers. For example, if a telesales business outsources services from your outsourcing company, your job as an outbound call center agent is to make calls to prospective customers in order to generate sales. This type of job usually offers additional incentives for making sales. 

Besides having good communication skills, you should have average computer skills and great listening skills. You should be able to work under pressure since there would be instances wherein you will encounter frustrated and angry customers. 

Non-Voice Based Process 

BPO companies do not only offer call center jobs but also data processing work and administrative operations. This includes content moderation and chat and email support. 

Since messaging is second next to voice support, there are customers who are opting to communicate through live chat or email. Based on research, 75% of customers would prefer to use messaging channels compared to other mediums. 

Customers find it easier to communicate through chat or email since they can clearly communicate issues without worrying about the voice quality and the conversation history. 

Key Takeaway 

There are so many jobs that BPO companies can offer. It is not just focused on making and answering calls. It offers a wide range of choices, depending on the skillset that you have. 

The BPO industry can help you enhance your skills and gain new knowledge. Training and seminars are usually provided, plus they can find a job position that fits you. From answering calls, replying to chat messages, setting up a website, computing finance, and even recruiting applicants, BPO has it all. 


The BPO industry can offer not just a wide range of services to its clients but also different types of jobs to applicants. With the increasing number of BPO companies around the world, it is important to choose the one that is fit for you and your skills. 

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