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How Can You Advance Your Career?

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Furthermore, almost everyone in the corporate field would want to grow and advance in their work. Based on research, 76% of employees look for opportunities to expand their careers, making it challenging for some to progress.  

Climbing up the career ladder would mean getting higher pay, better hours, and a new title. It would give you new opportunities to widen your knowledge and meet new people. These opportunities can provide you with bigger responsibilities but also personal fulfillment and job satisfaction. [/vc_column_text][image_with_animation image_url=”7136″ image_size=”full” animation_type=”entrance” animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”][vc_column_text]

What is Career Advancement? 

Indeed defined career advancement as the upward progression of one’s career. Professionals use their skills to achieve their career goals and have better job opportunities.  

For example, an individual can progress from an entry-level job to a management position. It can also be from one occupation to another.  

Climbing the corporate ladder within the same occupation can be a result of gaining experience or completing the required training. On the other hand, advancing by changing careers could mean transitioning to a related profession.

Tips to Advance Your Career 

As an employee, knowing how to advance your career is important. It allows you to pursue other career interests and promotes continuous learning and professional development. Here are some tips that can help you in your career advancement.

1. Define what success is for you

Everyone has their own personal definition of success. For some, it might be having an executive role or it could be having a career that would allow them to spend more time with their family and friends.  

There’s no right or wrong definition of what success in your career looks like. Figure out what success looks like for you. Imagine what you want your career to look like in the future and set goals in terms of one year, five years, and 10 years. 

Moreover, it would also be better to have a chart with where you are right now in your career and where you want to be. It will serve as your career roadmap to help you choose the career path you’re going to take.

2. Have a plan and establish a timeline

After identifying your goals, have a plan on how you can achieve them. This might be by looking for a new job elsewhere or you might decide to progress within your current company. Either way, make sure that you are applying for a position that will help you grow. 

Refer to your career roadmap and take a look at your plans for the next few years. Consider the little steps you need to take to reach the next level in your career. Know what skills you should have and what network you should develop.

3. Surround yourself with people who can help you

One great way to advance your career is by being with people who are better than you. This could also mean having a career mentor 

Surrounding yourself with people who can help you, like having a career mentor, can motivate you to work harder. You will be able to see how these people climbed to where they are in their respective fields and you will also get to learn from them.  

Also, career mentors can also give you tips for online interviews when applying for a job or ways to engage with your colleagues.

4. Ask for honest feedback

Feedback is a great way to measure your progress. Through honest feedback from your workmates, mentor, or supervisor, you will be able to know where you are good at or which skills you should improve.  

Most companies have an annual evaluation. Review the results of your evaluation and work on the things you lack at. Also, don’t limit feedback to just coming from your mentor or supervisor. You may also ask your peers to assess your strengths and weaknesses.  

If you are in a management role, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have room for improvement. You can ask your employees for feedback and critiques about how you work and how you handle them. The more diverse your sources for feedback are, the more you will learn.

5. Socialize and attend networking parties

One of the easiest ways how to advance your career is by gaining connections. When you are attending parties, may it be work-related or personal, you have the chance to meet new people who are working from different fields. You get to socialize and eventually form a relationship with them. 

Your goal should not be to get hired by the end of the night. It should be to make a good impression for them to remember you. Be authentic, friendly, and polite as much as possible. Then, a few days after, you may reach out to them through e-mail or social media.

6. Work on your confidence

Competence is important in career advancement. But so is confidence. Competency alone is not enough to stand out when you are in a pool of applicants. If you are shy or you are doubting yourself, it is now the time to promote your skills and abilities. 

Being confident also means taking risks. Work on your body language and communication skills. Avoid being timid and closed off but rather be open and speak what you want. 


Almost everyone wants to grow and advance their careers. But the key to success is always to have initiative. There are many ways on how to advance your career but the most important is for you to be willing to take the necessary steps in order to grow and progress. 

Keep in mind that your career path is not a straight line or a simple point A to point B journey. Learn to explore your options, widen your reach, socialize with other people, and continuously learn and improve your skillset.  


Career advancement does not happen in routine tasks. It would require willingness, hard work, and initiative in order for you to climb the corporate ladder. That’s why it is important to be part of a company that would continuously help you reach your goals. 

In Support Services Group, we provide great opportunities for our employees to learn. We challenge their creative minds and provide training to enhance their skills. We ensure that we have a happy workplace wherein employees get to speak their minds and share their knowledge. 

Be part of our family and visit our Careers page! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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