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5 Tips on How Can I Make Money While Starting My Career

How Can I Make Money?

You must have heard the saying, “To build wealth, you have to spend less than you earn. “ This can simply mean to just control your spending. While the way you spend your money is certainly a huge part of the equation, your salary is an equally important component. 

It is easier to spend less if you are earning more. Making more money can also help you achieve your financial goals. However, as an employee, the best way to do this is to have career advancement opportunities.  

According to a report, one-third of employees would change their current mix of wages and health benefits if they could, which may reflect an intensifying desire for real wage growth. Advancing your career is a great way for your salary to increase and to gain new skills. 

In order to make more money and advance your career, employee recognition is important. Employee recognition is the act of acknowledging the workers for what they do. It makes the workplace feel more inclusive and human. Employee recognition motivates employees to be productive and also drives employee engagement

Tips to Make Money While Starting Your Career 

To be recognized, first you have to deserve it, then you have to ask for it. You should have the initiative at work and you should give credit to yourself for doing a great job. Here are some tips to help you make more money while growing your career. 

1. Be proactive 

Being proactive is one of the keys to wealth, freedom, and happiness. Most of the time, employees who are proactive get noticed. They work on things without having the need to tell them or ask them.  

Opportunities will not always come to you. You have to put yourself out there and start volunteering. For instance, you can attend seminars conducted by your company even if you are not required to be there. Take it as a chance to learn more and gain new knowledge.  

Keep in mind that no one cares more about your career and its financial impact than you do. So, start having the right mindset. You have to do something in order to get it. 

2. Discuss the company’s expectations from you 

When you are hired by an organization, they usually provide you with a job description, including the list of your duties and responsibilities. However, job descriptions are usually vague and can sometimes be outdated. 

So instead of making assumptions about what the company wants from you, you should ask your boss or supervisor what he or she expects. You may schedule an appointment with the supervisor or you can open up about the topic during your annual assessment. Explain that you just want to be working on what is more important and to ensure that you are delivering the expected results. 

It is also better to write down the details as you discuss them and agree on expectations. This type of discussion can help build a stronger relationship between you and your supervisor and can help improve the quality of work. In fact, based on research, 89% of human resource leaders agree that ongoing feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes. 

How Can I Make Money

3. Continue your education 

Being an employee doesn’t mean that you will stop learning. Always look for ways to improve your set of skills or try to learn new ones.  

It is a fact that having certain skills can greatly increase your earning ability. More companies would want to work with you if you could do much more than what your job requires. For instance, you can be an executive with strong skills in sales, writing, public speaking, and analysis.  

With your 8-hour shift every day, it is understandable that studying can be difficult to fit in your schedule. But you also have the option to take an online graduate course, industry webinars, additional training, or a new certification. Feel free to also ask your managers or colleagues if they can suggest other ways for you to gain new skills. That would help you answer how can I make money.

4. Build relationships both inside and outside of your department 

Connections are very important for your career. Nobody gets ahead alone. You will need help from the people around you. You will need cheerleaders who will support you in moving your way up the corporate ladder.  

Treat everyone in your company with respect. Reach out to people inside and outside your department. They will be helpful in accomplishing your tasks. Keep in mind also to build a good reputation and try to be likable. Your colleagues will definitely help you if you are nice to them and they can see that you are genuine with your actions. 

5. Over-perform 

Since you already know what the company and your manager expect from you, it’s time to do something about it. The company is already paying you to do what is assigned to you. So, why not do more if you want to be paid more? 

You will need to over deliver compared to what is expected from you. For example, if you are expected to sign up 50 customers, try signing up 75 customers. If you are expected to grow sales 10% compared to the previous year, work harder and grow sales 20% more, if possible. 

If your company sets high expectations for you, set an even higher expectation for yourself. This way, you will be more motivated and focused in achieving your goal. They will recognize you and you can be promoted or get a raise, resulting in making more money. 

Key Takeaway 

Standing out in order to make more money in your career sounds like a lot of work. Well, because it really is a lot of work. You would need to make efforts in order to be noticed in your job. Perseverance and hard work are two important values to get that promotion or salary raise. 

Also, it is very important to choose a company that will see your worth as their employee. Choose a company that will help you grow, and at the same time, give you what you deserve.  


How Can I Make Money. Being able to make more money while starting your career can be a challenge since you still have that much of an idea of how things work. But besides the tips that were mentioned, choosing the right organization to be with is a vital part. 

In Support Services Group, we do not only value our clients, but also our employees. We make sure that they get paid right and that they get what they deserve. We help them grow in their career and allow them to explore more opportunities. 

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