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Are Career Mentors the Key to a Happy Life?

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A great solution to this is to find a career mentor that can help you with career development. According to a report, employees are significantly less likely to consider quitting their job if they have a mentor. For some, having someone who guides them can help clarify goals and overcome challenges.  

However, people often assume that career mentoring is only reserved for senior employees or that the mentor has to be somebody from your company. The truth is, that mentoring can be flexible as you make it. Your career mentor can be from outside your company and you can choose anyone who you think could help you with career development.[/vc_column_text][image_with_animation image_url=”7131″ image_size=”full” animation_type=”entrance” animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”][vc_column_text]

What is career mentoring? 

A career mentor is someone who shares his or her knowledge and expertise with you to help you set goals, solve problems, and make good choices. A mentor acts as your advisor and provides you with a more experienced perspective. 

They can teach you how to enhance your resume, give you interview tips, and help you to adjust to changes such as being in a hybrid work arrangement. Career mentors would help you understand where your current role could progress. 

Benefits of Having a Career Mentor 

Having someone who can guide you, especially in your career, would help you progress and grow. Here are some advantages that you can gain from a career mentor.

1. Expanded network

When you want to climb up the corporate ladder, having connections inside and outside your work is very helpful. Widening your network will help you gain more learning and experience. 

A career mentor can help you multiply your professional network. Since he or she has more experience, he or she might also have already interacted with influential people. Having a career mentor will give you the opportunity to meet with well-known people in your field of work.

2. Higher chance of career development

There are times that you might fail to set realistic goals because you focus too much on getting promoted. You might get a little bit overwhelmed with all the opportunities that you can have, especially if you are just starting your career. 

Career mentors will help you focus on what is really important and keep you on track with your goals. They can give advice, and resources, and share insights and experiences to inspire you and keep you motivated. In fact, career mentors are also one of the reasons why employees like you choose to stay with companies. Based on research, 94% of workers would stay longer if their employer offered more learning and career development opportunities.

3. Honest feedback

Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses is necessary for your professional growth and career development. This way, you will be able to know which areas you should improve and which ones you should maintain. 

A career mentor will be able to offer honest feedback related to your performance. He or she will highlight the skills wherein you excel and which you need to practice more. Career mentors will not hinder your development just to feed your ego. They will help you grow and be better.

4. Source of motivation

Career mentors will encourage you to always give your best and achieve your goals. Yes, the motivation you get from your family and friends is helpful but you cannot compare it to the advice that you get from someone who has gone through the same situation you are experiencing. 

Career advice from your mentor will help you to know which actions you should take. It would motivate and inspire you to do better than in your last job. He or she will encourage you in your professional endeavors. It’s like having your own cheerleader who will ensure that you will remain motivated.

5. Teach accountability

Having a career mentor means being accountable for everything that you do. It’s one thing to let yourself down, but it is different to disappoint someone else who has given you their time and support.  

Career mentors will hold you accountable for your actions so you will not give up on achieving your goals. You will give more effort to your progress when you’re not the only one who cares.


Career mentors can help you to be successful in your chosen field. They will prepare you for upcoming executive positions, making sure that you are on the right path. Before promotions, they will ensure that you are capable and ready for bigger tasks and responsibilities. 

Having a mentor as you journey your way up the career ladder can make the entire process a lot less overwhelming and daunting. They will guide you through the critical process and decision-making that you will make as a professional.  

However, keep in mind that career mentors are just there to help you. As a professional, you will still be the one to decide and choose what path you will take. Mentors will only be there to encourage you to play to your strengths and to work on areas of your skillset that need to be improved. 


In career development, it is important for employees to feel that they are being guided and cared for. Career mentors are essential in motivating and inspiring workers to give their best and achieve all of their goals. 

The Support Services Group is led by a trusted and experienced global leadership team who are known to be good examples and mentors to all employees. We have leaders who exemplify the culture and values of the company, setting a high standard for the whole SSG family. 

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