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8 Online Interview Tips That Will Land You a Job

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In recruitment, using the internet for headhunting and job posting has been the norm for quite a while now. But lately, online job interviews have also been on the rise. In fact, according to a report, 50% of employers said that they use virtual interviews to narrow their applicant pool quickly. They use various communication channels and software platforms to reach out to applicants.    

As a job seeker, this setup may be nerve-wracking and daunting for you. Although the interviewer’s questions are likely similar to those in a face-to-face interview, this may still be overwhelming. You might have to deal with the challenges of an online setup like background noises, internet issues, and the ins and outs of camera usage.[/vc_column_text][image_with_animation image_url=”7020″ image_size=”full” animation_type=”entrance” animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”][vc_column_text]For you to nail virtual interviews, preparation is still the key. It is essential to have a virtual interview guide, familiarize yourself with this setup, and make adjustments if needed. There is a long list to remember, but we narrowed it down to eight online interview tips to help you land a job.

1. Test your technology 

An online job interview will require tools like a webcam and a microphone on your computer. You will also need a reliable internet connection to ensure that there will be no delays and misunderstandings in communication.   

Prior to the scheduled interview, check all of the tools you will be using. This means that you should have a computer or laptop that meets the technical specifications needed for the job, the necessary programs for the interview, and a stable internet connection.   

Checking your equipment and other tools is needed to ensure that they can sustain a video call. It is also advisable to sign in to the preferred communication platform at least 15 minutes before the interview to check the sound and video quality. 

2. Dress to impress 

This is one of the tips for a face-to-face interview that is still applicable for a virtual interview. Being interviewed in the comfort of your home doesn’t mean that you should get too comfortable. You should still dress up as if you will have a face-to-face interview.  

Choose an attire that will make you look professional. Wear your best business attire and make sure that it looks good on camera. You can try it on in front of the same online platform you will be using for the interview.  

For women, you may wear a nice top and layer over a blazer, while men can wear a dress shirt with a tie. Avoid wearing clothes with distracting patterns and bright colors but instead, opt for neutral-toned clothing. 

3. Set up your space 

A few days before your interview, secure a spot that is simple and free from distractions. Find a room with the best lighting, a neat background, and minimal to no background noises.   

If your background is too cluttered, it can pull the interviewer’s attention away from you. Plus, it will be challenging to convince them that you are detail-oriented and organized.  

In addition, remove all possible distractions by turning off the television, closing the window near you, or putting your phone in silent mode. 

4. Observe your body language 

Firm handshakes are not applicable during an online job interview. But instead, you can show your confidence through your body language.   

Sit up straight, look at your screen, and always smile. It would be best if you often nodded to show that you listen and understand what the interviewer says.  

Moreover, keep the camera at your eye level. This will help you avoid looking up or down during the interview. Try to keep your eyes on the camera instead of looking at the screen image of the interviewer. Research shows that people will more likely remember what you say if you maintain eye contact. 

5. Do a mock interview 

Indeed defined mock interview as a practice training that imitates an actual interview for the candidate to create effective responses and become familiar with the interview settings. Anyone can portray an interviewer as long as they have a list of common interview questions and can provide helpful feedback.  

A mock interview will help you lessen your stress and anxiety. It will allow you to be familiar with the interview atmosphere and not feel unprepared. Through a mock interview, you will learn techniques to help you answer unanticipated questions. You will have an idea of how to construct your response and the best way to answer some questions. 

6. Have a few notes 

One advantage of having an online job interview is that the interviewer won’t be able to see everything on your desk. You may write some notes to help you remember what to say and post them on your computer screen.  

However, avoid writing the whole answer. You don’t want to sound like you are just reading something. You may write down some key figures or snippets to glance at them sparingly.  

Try to make the conversation sound as natural as possible. Some companies hire applicants who made a connection during the interview. 

7. Have a backup plan 

No matter how prepared you are, unexpected issues may still arise. Your video tool might not open, or your internet provider might suddenly announce system maintenance.   

Besides doing a test run before the actual interview, it will always be better to have a backup plan. If you encounter issues during the interview, consider sending an alternative suggestion.   

It’s essential to clearly explain to the interviewer that you are having technical issues. Apologize for the inconvenience and then suggest alternatives. You may ask the interviewer if it will be acceptable to use another software platform or just a traditional phone call. If the other options don’t suffice, gently ask for the interview to be rescheduled. 

8. Follow-up afterward 

You may send an e-mail to the interviewer right after the call to thank them for their time. Show them that you are interested in being a part of their company.   

The best way to stand out is by recalling or mentioning something they specifically said during the interview that makes you excited about the job. This way, they will know that you were paying attention and interested in the opportunity. 


Online job interviews are becoming popular as businesses try to keep up with the changing needs of applicants. And as a job seeker, your goal is to show that you are the right person for the job. You will need to do your part to ace this new process.  

The ultimate key to nailing an online job interview is proper preparation. Checking your tools and equipment, sitting up straight in front of the camera, and being prepared to answer questions will all help you stand out among the other applicants.   

With everyone trying to adapt to the changes and innovations, online job interviews have been useful to both job-seekers and businesses. It allows applicants to conveniently land a job in the comfort of their homes. 

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Join us and be part of the SSG family! Feel free to visit our Careers Page to know more. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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