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5 Surprising Benefits of Taking Career Risks

Career Risks

Usually, when you think of risks, the first thing that comes into your mind can be something dangerous or reckless. Most of the time, we focus on the potential negative consequences that could happen.  

However, the truth is, risk-taking is subjective. It offers benefits and advantages to a lot of people, including you. Just because you are comfortable with what you currently have doesn’t mean that you are thriving. For you to flourish and be successful, you must have an opportunity to grow. Some people might apply the “life-or-death thinking” when it comes to taking risks, causing fear to stop them and keep them in their comfort zone.  

Moreover, there’s often a lot of emotion involved in it. There is the fear of the unknown and having self-doubts. But it is also important to keep in mind that being scared is healthy. It means that you are motivated to succeed. In fact, based on research, one of the factors that contributes to professional success is risk-taking. 

5 Surprising Benefits of Taking Career Risks 

Career risks get most of the glory when it comes to success stories. But besides that, there are more benefits that taking career risks can offer. Here are five advantages that could motivate you to embrace career risk. 

1. You will have a sense of accomplishment 

Taking a risk in your career can be intimidating and scary. But, even if it doesn’t go exactly as you planned, it can also be thrilling and exciting. You get to be proud of yourself for doing something out of your comfort. You will have this feeling of fulfillment because you had the courage to do something bigger than what you usually do. 

2. You will learn new skills 

Career risks force you to go out of your comfort zone and beyond your area of expertise. This is what usually scares people. It’s dauting but, at the same time, elevating. You will get to meet new people with expertise that can help you in gaining new skills and knowledge. There is also a huge opportunity for you to meet people who can guide you, such as a career mentor.  

3. You get to know yourself more 

Growing up, you might have beliefs or assumptions about yourself, and the way things work. Along the way, you stop questioning these assumptions. However, there are times that you just tend to overthink them. 

Taking risks in your career can help you create a new picture of yourself. You create evidence to disprove those old ideas about you. For instance, you might fear trying something new all your life. By taking a huge step in your career, you get to prove to yourself that you are brave enough for change. Releasing those negative beliefs can be freeing. Having new experiences allows you to learn more about what you like to do and what makes you happy. New challenges provide you with an opportunity to impress yourself. 

4. It teaches you to be resilient 

Career risks allow you to learn how to handle different situations, particularly setbacks. You will get to realize that you have the ability to thrive no matter what happens, making you more resilient.  

Being a risk-taker can put you into situations that you never expect. That’s why it is a perfect way to challenge you and your capabilities. 

5.  Opens you to new opportunities  

Going beyond your area of expertise can offer new all kinds of new opportunities. You get to grow both professionally and personally. For instance, you mind find yourself opening your own business or leading a big team. 

Goals are usually achieved by getting out of your comfort zone. You get to accomplish something extraordinary when you try. Without taking them, you will never know what could happen. Based on a study, risk-takers are usually more satisfied and happier with their lives. 

5 Signs You Need to Take a Risk in Your Career 

Taking a risk in your career is a big decision. There are factors that you need to consider before finally deciding on your career path. So, we narrowed down five signs to determine if it’s the right time for you to shake things up and take a calculated risk in your career. 

1. Your fears are not as scary as it seems to others 

You have spent a lot of time thinking about the things that scare you – what your fears are for making a change. Yet, when you open up and share your fears with other people, particularly your colleagues, they do not seem as alarmed as you do. 

This might be an obvious sign that you might have overblown your concerns. So, before you decide to dismiss a new opportunity, make sure that you have really thought about it. Discussing it with two or three of your most trusted friends or colleagues could be helpful for your career. This will help you make the best decision. 

2. You are bored career-wise 

When you were still starting your career, you still got excited even with the little things. But if you feel bored and stagnant over time, this can be a dangerous point. 

Feeling bored can be one of the most destructive emotions in your career life. When you feel bored, there is a tendency that you won’t give your all. You do not feel motivated doing your job and you pay less attention to the details. Also, you can even damage relationships because you are not able to focus on your work. 

If you know that this is how you feel, it is a sign that you may be ready to leave your comfort zone and take a risk. This might mean leaving your current job for a better job opportunity or moving in a new direction, such as having your own business. 

3. You feel like you are currently in a transitional phase 

Transitions can change your self concept of life. These transitions mayinclude relocations, ending a partnership, recovering from a health challenge, losing a loved one, or realizing that you have enough to change your career. 

If you happen to feel that you are in this phase in your life, you may want to reaccess your career path. It might be the final push that you need to move closer toward the career you really want. Your work and life balance includes keeping them aligned all the time.  

4. You feel like you are not being rewarded 

There are moments in your career when you no longer feel that your skills are being rewarded. Hitting a ceiling at your current career set-up can be an issue if your gut is telling you that you are meant to do so much more. 

Do not ignore this feeling. Start planning your next goal. Seek a bigger opportunity that will fit your current skills. Gather some data and start accomplishing that new goal. 

5. You are being called  

Usually, callings are important new projects that can enhance and build your life. If you know deep down that your desire and passion is to do something else, maybe it is time for you to challenge yourself. You will remain restless until you choose to follow it. Pursue what you really want and feel happy while doing your work. 

Learning when and how to take risks in your career can benefit your performance at work. In order for you to grow and be successful, you must learn to be comfortable with managing risks and staying on the edge.  

It is important to have the courage and self confidence that you can do it. Be confident that even if things might not do perfectly, you still have the resources to manage failure. It would also be better to have a strong support system. Have a group of people that can help you stay motivatedand encourage you to not be afraid. With the right thinking and the right people, risk-taking becomes much easier.  

If things are a little overwhelming for you, always keep in mind that you can start small. Evaluate your risk and make time to think about your future plans. Feel the fear but do it still. Prove to yourself that it doesn’t have to feel threatening but instead, it is fun. There are endless possibilities and the best way for you to know what is meant for you is by getting out of your comfort zone, trusting your intuition, and experimenting on opportunities.  

Whatever happens, whether you succeed or fail, it will always be a win for you because you get to learn and experience new things. Trust that whatever comes your way, you will be able to handle it and you will know what to do. 


Career Risks

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