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Maximizing Impact: The BPO Renaissance in Higher-Value Services

For those who haven’t noticed, brands are turning to business process outsourcers for a wide range of functions these days. Just 20 years ago, the prevailing wisdom was to handle all core functions internally and partner with a BPO for simple and mundane tasks like data entry.

That thinking has evolved to the point where outsourcers are now handling just about any function or process a company needs done. Support Services Group has a wide range of clients across many verticals. From financing services to retail, to streaming media, at its core, SSG is a customer care organization.

We help brands grow by earning 5-star customer reviews. Sometimes we do so by answering a few questions and making sure the customer’s problem is solved the first time. That’s why SSG operates as a seamless extension of our partner brands whether providing a quick password reset or in-depth tech support troubleshooting. Complexity aside, the goal is the same – fix the problem, make the customer happy and increase brand loyalty along the way.

Thankfully, SSG is very good at meeting the above goals and our clients aren’t shy about offering testimonials.   

Moreso than ever, brands are turning to BPOs like SSG to perform roles that are far removed from traditional customer care. Here is a look at some of the services SSG now provides:

  • Compliance: Industries like finance and insurance are regulated by strict licensing and compliance requirements. A company that gets privacy and/or security wrong risks its reputation and ongoing stability. One of our clients is a large fintech that offers a digital wallet and trading platform for cryptocurrencies. According to a report from NPR,  scams related to crypto markets are up 900%. SSG is helping prevent such scams by:
  • Conducting background investigations to validate accounts around the globe. In a typical month, 10% of account starts are rejected for failing compliance checks.
  • Fraud Prevention – SSG performs ongoing fraud scans on transactions and investigates customer complaints.
  • E-commerce: This partnership with a retail brand started several years ago and SSG now handles many tasks that go beyond traditional customer service:
  •  A recent addition to the program is running the brand’s Ebay store. This is a major selling channel for a household brand. SSG lists the sales, answers bidder questions and fills orders after each transaction.
  • Logistics – our team handles product shipping through a third-party partner.
  • Refunds  – SSG processes returns and refunds for all product lines.
  • Payments Processing: SSG’s team supports billions of dollars in ACH payments around the globe for this client. If a container ship navigating the Panama Canal needs to pay its tolls, there is a good chance an SSG agent processed the payment!
  • Claims Processing: Not so long ago, insurance adjusters flocked to areas hard hit by a storm to process claims, fill out complex forms and file a first notice of loss. The use of commercial drones is changing that workflow. SSG has a client that documents damage using drone video shoots. Our back-office agents review the video footage, document the extend of the damage and estimate the coverage amount. This approach reduces overall costs for claims processing and reduces the amount of time it takes to pay a claim.

In summary, many companies handle customer care with an internal team because it is essential to brand success. However, outsourcing non-core functions can be a smart strategy for companies that want to optimize performance and growth.

Support Services Group works with over 100 leading brands. If you’d like a free consult on how technology might better serve your customers, Connect with Support Services Group today.

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