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When Humans and Technology Collide, The Customer Wins

By Larry Ruehlen – Customer Care is about helping people. When done right, interactions build brand loyalty and help grow market share. But getting it wrong can have dire consequences, especially for brands that depend heavily on product reviews and customer sentiment.

Complicating matters is the fact that there isn’t a single recipe that drives customer satisfaction.

Some people prefer highly personal service. To help these customers, the agent on the other end of the conversation needs a wealth of information, plenty of empathy, and the ability to build rapport.

Other customers crave expedience and anonymity – they want a problem solved and are willing to search for the right answer so long as the process is efficient.

As you might guess, designing the optimal Customer Journey is tricky business. Should a brand leverage Artificial Intelligence or invest in the white-glove service that only live agents can provide?

The answer is… both.

When Humans and Technology Collide, the Customer Wins

The Nexus of People and Technology    

Support Services Group serves clients in almost every vertical, from streaming media to financial services to retail. Our clients have something in common – they care deeply about customer satisfaction and are willing to invest in quality solutions.  For example, agents at luxury brands certainly process returns, but they are also personal style consultants who seamlessly recommend apparel based on highly personalized data. The technology behind these interactions is impressive:

Intelligent Interaction Routing

tech-savvy BPOs, including Support Services Group, analyze data on a caller’s personality, preferences, behavior, and prior interactions in seconds, then the interaction with the agent who is best suited to handle the issue. This approach drives higher first-call resolution and customer satisfaction.

Omni Channel

A customer can call, chat, text message, or interact on social media, and the history of each interaction is delivered to the agent in real time. The ability to meet the customer on their channel of choice at any given time is essential, providing a frictionless Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Optimization

SSG leverages artificial intelligence to redefine customer experience intelligently and accurately.  SSG systems diagnose pain points in real-time and suggest solutions that reduce customer effort. The system delivers highly relevant information to agents that help them exceed expectations during every interaction. Whether a knowledge-based article on a technical solution or real-time data on product availability, SSG creates alignment with the needs and goals of the campaigns it manages for our clients.

Workforce Management – Using validated historical data and sophisticated algorithms, our WFM team provides accurate, reliable forecasts of future contact volumes and staffing requirements according to pre-defined service levels. SSG’s tool is easy to use, with intuitive step-by-step workflows and a user interface that presents complex data with unmatched clarity. SSG’s expertise drives efficiency because we adjust on the fly to meet intraday service levels without overstaffing. In short, it has never been easier to balance staffing budgets and real-time staffing needs.

Speech Analytics – SSG systems can process vast amounts of audio data,     Extracting meaningful information that would otherwise be challenging to uncover.  Advanced speech analytics allows SSG to understand customer preferences, points of frustration, and trends, allowing SSG to tailor our services and solutions accordingly.  Our deep understanding of customer needs and expectations leads to more personalized interactions, improved customer experience, satisfaction, and increased customer retention. Conversion rates elevate to their highest level in using tools that target the emotional and behavioral needs of the end consumer.

Quality Assurance – Analytics also provides a valuable feedback loop for agent training, performance evaluation, and quality assurance.  SSG’s managers and team leaders can audit, review, and analyze call recordings to identify areas for improvement, assess agent performance, and implement highly targeted training programs.  SSG can enhance its operational efficiency by leveraging AI-powered speech analytics, optimizing customer interactions, and driving continuous improvement.

Business Intelligence – AI and BI systems turn structured and unstructured data into highly actionable business intelligence.  AI uses this information as enriched fuel to power its engines, creating a supercharged ecosystem of data and smart decisions with a trajectory toward the pinnacle of productive output. In the real world, SSG helps our clients understand customer sentiment and win customers for life.

Technology Leads the Way 

As previously mentioned, some customers like to solve their own problems. That’s where AI technology shines:

Virtual Agents

Conversational AI is rapidly evolving for the better. The days of a chatbot struggling to answer basic questions are over. Gone are the days of a voice IVR with countless branches creating the ultimate customer frustration.  Now, you can ask a question and get the correct answer. SSG’s virtual agents combine natural language processing and machine learning to simulate human intelligence. This enables every business to provide a customer support option 24/7.  Our cyber agents, with naturalized and location languages in dozens of native dialects, provide highly accurate answers and customer service anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions – SSG uses AI to develop self-help channels that reduce the need for live agent interactions. An in-depth FAQ section is highly effective and has unlimited potential. We can also set up a searchable database for user manuals, warranty forms, and whatever the client needs.

Triage Functions – Chatbots collect basic information and prioritize urgency before transferring the interaction to a live agent best suited to handle the issue. This approach reduces Average Handle Time and program costs while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.  

Support Services Group works with over 100 leading brands. If you’d like a free consultation on how technology might better serve your customers, Connect with Support Services Group today.

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