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Travel & Logistics

Deliver fast, secure, and easy transactions

Luxury Brand Specialists Providing White-Glove Support

With the rise of online transactions, customer service is becoming increasingly important to travel and logistics industries. Customers are now expecting a higher level of service from companies, that is why high-value interactions are essential for businesses to stay competitive and ensure customer loyalty.

SSG offers efficient travel and logistics management through comprehensive sales, booking, and logistics services. We support clients in their goal of improving customer satisfaction ratings while streamlining repetitive processes and helping optimize operations. These services, paired with technology capabilities, will help secure more customers leading to increased revenue.

Verticals – Travel & Logistics


Travel booking company providing services to customer looking to make reservations for hotels in the United States and


Our team is proud to offer this client comprehensive booking support and sales closing services. We specialize in inbound reservation placement, customer service and data recovery

With the capacity to accommodate both work-from-home and on-site agents, our flexible approach allows us to adjust home/on-site mixes to meet our client’s headcount needs based on seasonal volume fluctuations and ensure seamless operations.

For this client we have focused on results and have successfully improved their service levels and reduced Average Handle Times. Additionally, our Q1 2023 sales conversion rate increased by over 10%, demonstrating our commitment to delivering results that exceed their expectations.

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